About Us

Thetechsure is a portal addressed to people interested in new technologies and, above all, telecommunications.

The site offers content addressed to IT professionals, technology enthusiasts and people making purchasing decisions regarding the purchase of Tech equipment and selection of mobile and stationary operators’ offers. The content you will be able to find in Thetechsure.com:

  • Review and Unbiased Tests of Tech
  • Specifications of Mobile Device
  • News on anything and everything related to Tech
  • Information on Network operators
  • Information on broadly understood new technologies
  • Information from the IT industry
  • Information about the software
  • Interviews and opinions of professionals
  • Financial information of companies from the IT industry

Our editorial line

At the heart of the information published on TheTechSure pages, there has always been a willingness to be comprehensible and comprehensive. Talking about technology is not easy: if the technical elements are not examined, there is the risk of providing a superficial result. If one descends into technicality as an end in itself, the result is that of being understood only by a few, losing the spirit of popularization.

For this reason, we have always tried in TheTechSure to balance the technical depth, necessary in the analysis of products by their complex nature, with a search for exposure that is on different levels. In this way, we are looking for the very difficult objective of helping those who are beginners to take possession of a certain knowledge on the subject, while at the same time providing those who are more prepared with the appropriate analytical tools.

The last judge of our work is always and only those who read us: if our editorial product is developed on the basis of independence, clarity, and completeness, a result emerges that is satisfactory and useful for our readers.

We are in daily contact with the companies that operate, with their own products and technologies, in the ICT world: we talk and analyze what these companies develop and propose on the market. This does not prevent us from using a critical spirit and highlighting in our product reviews what is not good and can be improved. Very often we make a review in which “everything is beautiful”: we would always like to deal with technological products free of problems of any kind but we know well, after years of experience in testing and analysis, that this only happens in a real world. The products that, although not perfect, have such small limits that they can be completely neglected are by far the exception and not the rule.

Our business model is pure editorial: we provide our online content freely so that it is accessible to everyone. We consider TheTechSure a structure which aims to give our visitors the best articles on everything Tech they want. The world of technology has undergone a process of radical evolution over the last few years. Anyone has more devices whose technological content is particularly advanced, although their use is simple and intuitive. From this, we also adapt the way we do information on the pages of The Tech Sure

If you have any other queries or want to know more about us, Please feel free to message us at (thetechsure@gmail.com)