Little by little, we are getting to know the information that shapes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Recently it has been known that this model will come with advanced options in the security section, such as the inclusion of iris recognition. In addition, it is also suggested that it would use accessories that will increase utility.

For now, everything points that this device is close to being announced, and it would not be surprising that it could be one of the protagonists at the IFA fair in Berlin with the Smartwatch Gear S4 that is held at the end of August (if it is not announced before). There have been reports that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 would be the first tablet of the company to integrate iris recognition, which would significantly increase its security options. A good development that brings a bit closer to this type of devices to the best that is offered in high-end smartphones.

Another new feature that would be part of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is, together with the Android 8.1 operating system that will be used, the integrated customization would be version 9.5 of Samsung Experience, which would debut the tablet we are talking about. To date, the models with Oreo of the Korean firm arrive with the ninth version. Therefore, in the software would come another unique breakthrough for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. It will be curious to see the Home touch button integrated into the panel that will offer in this model with a 10.5-inch screen and 16:10 ratio.

samsung galaxy tab s4

More features expected in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

One of the most important is the arrival and compatibility with the DeX accessory, which turns the Android device into almost a desktop. To do this, a user interface similar to that of Windows is added and, in addition, a very efficient window management is allowed. This, obviously, will allow an extended use of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 tablet as a productivity tool and, therefore, to compete better against the iPad. Obviously, this will also favour that the integrated hardware will be powerful, with a Snapdragon 835 processor at the top.

We have also known the options that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 will offer in what has to do with memory, with 4 GB of RAM and 64 gigs of expandable storage, and possibly a new book-type case will be announced next to the tablet (named Book Cover Keyboard). The case, is that good manners are pointed out in this model as shown in the source of the information that, sincerely, every time is a more interesting option as a personal and professional team (the previous generation I have used it during a time in trips and, the truth is that it fits quite well as an off-road device).

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