The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is falling. At least it seems so because of the level of leaks that are occurring these days. A few days ago we knew the possible capacity of the Note 9 battery leak, now we see it in all its splendour in some filtered images. Actually, they are conceptual images created from the information that has been filtered. The information collected by the creators of the images themselves has also been taken into account. Of course, they do not lack detail. And the best thing is that those same images have shown us a possible new colour for Samsung’s next flagship device. Do you know what colour it could be?

According to AllAboutSamsung today, Samsung is preparing a new colour for its next big phone. If the information on this medium is correct, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will arrive in a curious brown cool colour.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

It is not a new colour for Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was already available in this colour. In addition, a Samsung Galaxy S6 was exclusively launched in brown in the United Kingdom. Now it seems that Samsung could use it for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Changes in other colours

In addition to discovering the possible new colour, from AllAboutSamsung point out that Samsung will make subtle changes in current colours.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The model in purple, will be somewhat lighter than the same colour seen on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

There will also be, theoretically, a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in grey. A grey apparently darker than the Titanium Gray that we also met in the S9 and with a bluish frame.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

As for the beautiful blue model, according to AllAboutSamsung will come with a golden frame. In addition, the tone of the blue will also be different, staying between the blue seen in the Note 7 and the Note 8.

The last available colour will be black. According to the leaked information, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in black colour will be very similar to the black seen in other models of the manufacturer. That is, it would be the only colour that would not receive new nuances.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

For the rest, the images show a design with the double camera located in horizontal position and in the centre of the rear part. The fingerprint reader would still be right below.

At the moment we will have to wait to confirm these colour changes. In addition, as we already know, there are several colours that are launched exclusively in specific markets. So it may be that some of these new colours do not arrive worldwide. According to the latest rumours, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be presented on August 9.

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