The first Amazon Go store in the United States, a cashless and automated supermarket, opened several months ago. Now Microsoft wants to face him with his own stores governed by Artificial Intelligence.

For this, the giant based in Redmond seeks to ally with another key company in the sector, Walmart. According to Reuters, both will collaborate to create their own stores without ATMs, where Walmart will put the product and Microsoft the technology.

Do not lose sight of the fact that the main technology companies are immersed in a race to see who develops the most complete Artificial Intelligence in the shortest period of time, and that any progress is welcome. Maybe that explains Microsoft’s interest in submitting yours to a field test of this calibre.

A priori, the software needed to start up the stores without Microsoft ATMs already exists. This company has already developed something similar for Kinect Xbox, but certainly, have to give it a spin and perfect it.

Is still to check what future has this type of store in a market that tends increasingly to the delivery at home. Obviously, there are products, especially fresh ones, that still have a long way to go in this type of distribution.

Microsoft Store on AI

Microsoft Store
Microsoft Store

However, the traditional supermarket sector threatens to decrease in the coming years, something that threatens established distributors. That explains why Walmart is seeking an alliance with Microsoft to develop new models.

At the moment there are no official deadlines for both firms to open the first store of this type, although it can be assumed that it will be in the United States. Considering that Amazon Go will expand to two cities very soon, they better hurry before entering a market already monopolized by its biggest rival.

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