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The Gratus app for Android gets a major overhaul with material design

The well-known developer Francisco Franco has recently updated its Gratus app for Android with Google’s Material Design, an app that – already in the free version – manages to improve the mood of people by reminding them of the beautiful things, big or small, occurred in lives. Hence the name – “Gratus” or similar to ‘Great us’.

The concept of Material Design acquired great importance in the world of digital designers, who began to implement this visual design in the projects they carried out daily.

In the latest update, the Gratus app has seemed to change the context menu, organizing images gallery; and the addition of an illustration page. The app has also fixed all the common issues it had in its earlier phase, which means its now perfect to download and use on any device.

By unlocking the Premium version, with an in-app purchase of $3, you can protect your notes with a passcode or fingerprint, receive a daily notification that reminds you to insert a reason to be happy, setting the preferred time for viewing.

About the Gratus App:

Very often we are saddened by our triviality, forgetting the beautiful things that have happened in our lives, and by remembering – probably – we would look at the world with less dark, and more “bright” perspective. With the aim of contributing to happiness and mental serenity, an app was created for Android, “Gratus”.

Some time ago, Dr Robert Emmons, a professor of psychology at California University, explained that – in the life of each of us – there are things we should remember and be grateful: whether they were big or small, that did not matter. These elements, or rather being grateful for something, in fact, were associated – in terms of vibrations – to happiness and, therefore, by derivation, to mental health.

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It, therefore, followed that it was necessary to encourage the recollection of positive things. For this reason, the developer Francisco Franco made available, free on Android, the application “Gratus“, also has a ‘ interface very elegant and intuitive material design.

After installation, it will be possible to insert an element for which you are grateful, organizing it by tag (eg friendship), and accompanying it with an image, taken from your gallery, or taken on the spot: doing so, after a while it will structure a chronology of good memories, which can be explored by date of insertion, or for like tributaries (in the form of little hearts) to the various memories.

About Francisco Franco

Francisco Franco is a well-known name in the community of modding fans. The developer has become famous for its kernels, especially for devices in the Nexus and Pixel range, and surprises everyone with his latest creation, which seeks to bring a shred of positivity into our lives.

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