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Facebook removes the featured news section

The news section featured on Facebook is one of those sections that may sound odd to you but that you may never miss. Now the social network will eliminate them next week after four years of controversial existence.

Facebook is still looking for your site in the field of news, although for this you must first deal with the false news that proliferates within the social network. But to fight against false or misrepresented news, Facebook first has to look at itself and for that, they are going to eliminate with a stroke of the pen the news section that premiered four years ago.

Although right now you do not know what exactly it is given that very few people have taken advantage, it is a small widget located in the upper right corner of the desktop version of Facebook. Well, that information box will disappear and begin to opt for other news channels that will be established during the coming months.


The elimination of the section of topics highlighted in Facebook is not surprising since it has practically not had a great success despite the good visibility that was on the page. From there, they intend to promote the consumption of news on their platform through other formats that they wanted to highlight in the official communication.

One of them is Breaking News, a label that is tested with 80 publishers in North America, South America, Europe, India and Australia and that allows publishers to put a last-minute news indicator in their publications.

Another function is known as Today In, a dedicated section that connects people with the most important news from publishers in your area.

And finally, we would have News Video in Watch, which is another dedicated section on Facebook Watch in the United States so that users there can follow different coverage live.

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