The latest version of Windows 10, called the April update, has brought an unexpected problem for Avast antivirus users. To avoid problems, while it is being solved, Microsoft blocked this update to those who had the antivirus installed on their computer. Once the error is detected, Avast is working with Microsoft to identify where the failure occurs. So far, they have indicated that it is a bug in the Avast Behavior Shield. This component generates some errors in some instances and tasks, generating connectivity problems, blue screenshots, and other problems. Here’s how to fix the boot lock in Windows 10 April 2018

Last weekend Reddit was filled with messages from users with problems updating their operating systems to this latest version. All these problems began in the wake of the antivirus update released last Saturday, seemingly minor update but that became incompatible with this new version of Windows.

Users who have updated their computers with this latest version of Avast installed have found a black screen after the restart, screen from which nothing is possible, the system is completely frozen.

how to fix the boot lock in Windows 10 April 2018

Avast initially denied that the problems were related to its antivirus, indicating that the causes could be perfectly others that were in common in the affected computers, in addition to the antivirus. However, finally, the security firm has admitted that its antivirus is responsible for these problems and has announced a patch on how to fix the boot lock in Windows 10 April 2018, that corrects the compatibility problem and allows users to update Windows 10 without problems (at least, without problems caused by this antivirus).

The security firm also ensures that the number of users affected by this problem is very small, although the success of the Reddit thread where this problem was revealed does not say the same thing.

If the computer crashes and does not start, you should use a USB as if you were going to reinstall Windows. To do this, you must create this USB with the tool that Microsoft provides from another computer that works. The steps are indicated by a moderator of the Avast forum, although I recommend before doing anything, see the forum before possible developments.

Steps to follow on how to fix the boot lock in Windows 10 April 2018:

  • Turn on the problem computer.
  • At the blue screen, choose your keyboard layout’s language. (e.g. “US”)
  • Choose “Use another operating system”.
    Choose the second option, “Windows 10 on volume X” (X stands for a number)
    Wait for the computer to boot to the desktop (if necessary, enter your password to login). You may have to wait a long time for the desktop to appear, while the “update” gets ready.
  • Once the desktop attempts to load, close any error messages that appear.
    On a functioning Windows PC, go to
  • In the “Create Windows 10 installation media” section, click “Download tool now”.
  • Run the tool you downloaded, and follow the simple steps to create a Windows 10 installation USB stick. This will erase any existing contents of your USB drive. The only option you should check is to make sure it is a 64-bit or 32-bit version. Your computer is MOST LIKELY 64-bit if it’s reasonably new.
  • On the problem computer, right-click any blank area on the taskbar, then click “Task Manager”.
  • Click “More details” so that you can see the menu bar.
  • Click “File”.
  • Click “Run new task”.
  • In the dialog box that appears, check the box “Create this task with administrative privileges”/
  • Click “Browse…”
  • Navigate to your USB drive and select “setup.exe”.
  • Run the file and follow the steps to “upgrade” Windows. Uncheck the boxes for “check for new updates” and to “help make this version better”. If you are asked what you want to keep, make sure you tell it to keep everything!
  • Let the process run, which may take some time. Once completed, the computer should be back to normal, and fully up-to-date. You may need to re-login to your Microsoft Account.
  • All done, now you have figured on how to fix the boot lock in Windows 10 April 2018


Finally, if you have had problems with this antivirus JUST UNINSTALL IT, remember that Windows 10 includes Windows Defender, a free antivirus integrated with the operating system itself (so there will be no problems or errors) to which we ever give an opportunity.

Are you Avast user? Have you had problems updating Windows 10 because of this antivirus? Let us know in the comments section below.

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