Just over a month ago Google announced the arrival of developers preview version of Android P. Now, during the Google I / O 2018, the Internet giant has officially presented the newest Beta version of its operating system that comes loaded with new features.

And one of the most interesting is the new interface based on gestures, with a look very similar to that seen on the iPhone X, and that allows you to navigate and perform actions much more conveniently. Of course, for now, the name remains in Android P still remains to be a mystery.

This is how Android P Gestures work

Android P Gestures One of the main new features of Android P is the gesture system to navigate the phone. In this way, we will have a small start indicator located at the bottom of the screen. We just need to swipe up to activate the gestures home screen.

Depending on the movement we make, we can access the application drawer or move between applications that we have open in the background or that we have recently used.

Android P

Another feature has to do with the use we give our phone. Now we can see our activity in full, knowing when we have started to use the phone, the time dedicated to each application…

In this way, we can know the behavior we have when using our smartphone or tablet. We can even set time limits for each application, ideal to leave our gadgets alone to rest.

Artificial intelligence gains strength in Android P

Android P

As it could not be otherwise, but the AI will have a fairly large weight in Android P. Thanks to the machine learning system of Google, we will have new features that will help us make the most of the possibilities on our smartphone.

The first example is in the new smart battery system. Now, the artificial intelligence of Android P will be responsible for studying the use we give the device to understand what applications we use and adapt to our uses. In this way, the activations of the processor are reduced by up to 30 percent, achieving a considerable saving of battery to improve the autonomy of our phone.

The automatic brightness will now adapt to our use and we will not have to manually adjust this parameter thanks to the new feature called “Adaptive Brightness”. And finally, Android P will study our behavior patterns to adapt to how we use our smartphone.

Android P

Following on this side, for those who use the mobile at night will be happy to use the option Wind Down, which will change the screen to grayscale to facilitate its use before sleep.

A change in the use of the search engine is also coming. Depending on what you are looking for, it will offer different options as a pop-up window with different access options. For example, if you are looking for an application such as Uber or Lyft, you will see an icon of the app that you can display and choose one of the most recurring destinations stored on your phone or in the app if you have it installed.

Android P

Android P Beta is now available

Yes, some lucky ones will be able to take a look and try all these new features early coming on their phone. To know if you are from that group of elected, check out the compatible phones in the following link and if you have any, you can find out how to download the corresponding Android P beta version.

Stay tuned with us at TheTechSure.com to be up-to-date with latest bleeding edge technology.


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