Google I / O 2018, the event for developers of the company, will start this Tuesday, May 8 in Mountain View, California, where the great technology has its headquarters located. It is expected that in it we will know the future of many of the company’s products in terms of software, a range that covers more and more areas and to a greater extent.

This is the reason that the Google I / O 2018 is expected with special interest from all those related in one way or another with the technology industry, as the advances that will be seen in this event will be the current ones of the company during the next year. One day after Microsoft Build and one month before Apple does the same in WWDC 2018, this is what we expect to see in this year’s Google event.

Google I / O 2018

Android P at Google I / O 2018

Of course, what more excitement causes each year in the Google I / O is the new Android operating system. Following with its alphabetical order, this year we will know the main features – not its definitive name, as it will be revealed later – of Android P, the operating system that the company will release in a few months officially. If we had to make bets, yes, everything points to the final name will be Android Popsicle (Android Polo, alluding to ice cream).

At the moment there is not much to shed from the previous information: Android P will include a native support for the notch (the feature par excellence of Android phones in 2018), will allow developers to enrich the notifications and bring a new compression format of images so that photographs take up less space in the device.

Of course, it is expected that there is much more announced news. Some of them could be focused on the most aesthetic section of the system will be, with the arrival of Material Design 2, giving a twist to what can be found now to make the daily experience with our device more pleasant. This could come rounded hand gestures like the iPhone X (already included by some manufacturers such as Xiaomi and, soon, OnePlus) to improve the usability of the devices.

google assistant

Google Assistant at Google I / O 2018

The virtual assistant of Google is one of the axes in the interaction with the company’s products and, as such, it will be difficult for it not to have its own space during the presentation. Being one of the most complete and used virtual assistants today, it is expected that Google uses the I / O to present new features and functions that can reach Assistant and do it better, if possible, against the competition. News, by the way, that will be not just for the phone.

Google Home products are increasingly important for Google, having presented last year a complete line of speakers designed to compete directly in each segment with Amazon and Apple bets. The use of these devices and the increase in the sales numbers of them go through a virtual assistant capable, intuitive and extremely complete. We will not see new Home products, but it is likely that they we will see their options expanded through software.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence at Google I / O 2018

Artificial intelligence is a concept that we will soon see disappear from technological presentations. Catching a huge number of conversations around this in virtually all areas, it is more than likely that Google makes reference to it at some point in the presentation as one of the pillars on which the future of the company will be based on short, medium and long-term. Artificial intelligence is everything.

Tools such as Google Lens or the Assistant itself are a good example of the ability of artificial intelligence applied to the company’s products. Growing in this field is growing in the set of options that users perceive and, in addition, nobody has the possibility of gaining ground from competitors like Google does, with a huge user base that increases year after year and serves to go improving their intelligence systems.

What else to expect at Google I / O 2018?

It is difficult to know exactly what else Google is preparing apart from the always ubiquitous, but it is likely that we see developments in the following fields:

Wear OS: Google has suddenly given Android Wear loaded with a new name to its platform for wearables, a change that will not be left alone in the name. If the company really wants to start making its mark in this market and face Apple, the news should arrive sooner rather than later.

Android Things: the first novelties have already arrived in relation to this platform so that harmony reaches the developers and manufacturers of all kinds of connected products. The internet of things is another of the great fields where Google wants to shine and Android Things will be key to it.

Android Auto: at a time when the world of automotive and technology are closer than ever, Google also wants to redouble its efforts to enter the vehicles of individuals through Google Maps or Assistant. 2018 may also be an important year for the company in this field, of which we may also know some news tomorrow at Google I / O 2018.

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